Organization and Services

Sales Representatives in each Italian district.
Commercial Agents supporting direct sales in Tuscany and Veneto.
2 Official Resellers in the Center and South of Italy.
2 Warehouses:
    - Trezzo sull’ Adda (MI)
    - La Spezia (SP)
Administration and accounting – Milan Headquarter.
Customer Service – Milan Headquarter.
ERP IT system based on SAP technology.

Distribution of a full range of plastics resins and specialty chemicals.
Fast deliveries all over Italy.
Customers support for material selection.
Technical support for new applications.
Technical assistance for processing trouble by injection moulding or/and extrusion technologies.
Supply of compounded or blended products.

Moreover belonging to the Biesterfeld Group, one of the most notable European plastics distributors, Biesterfeld Polybass has a more strategic position on the pan-European and global market.