The History

Wilhelm Ernst Biesterfeld establishes W.E. Biesterfeld to commercialize salt from the North Sea.
Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH is settled, as subsidiaries of the Biesterfeld Group, with the purpose to distribute plastics resins.


Cesare Bassignana founds one of the first plastics reselling and compounding companies in Italy.
Paola Bassignana establishes Polybass S.r.l. (standing for Polimeri Bassignana), which starts its activities as DuPont official distributor of engineering polymers for the districts of Lombardy and Tuscany.
January 1st: foundation of Biesterfeld Polybass
Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. borns from the commercial agreement (50% J.V.) between Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH and Polybass S.r.l.
DuPont de Nemours: Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. is appointed by Du Pont de Nemours as official  distributor for engineering polymers in the whole Italian market.
1998 Chi Mei: Biesterfeld Polybass signs a distribution agreement with Chi Mei Corporation. Chi Mei, based in Taiwan, is the worldwide leader ABS producer.
2000 Elastogran: the distribution for Elastogran (today BASF Polyurethanes) is licensed in Italy. BASF Polyurethanes is worldwide leader manufacturer in TPU.
2001 LG: starts the distribution of LG Chemical products.
2002 Chevron Phillips: Chevron Phillips K-Resin™ distribution is allowed.
2003 BP Chemicals: lets the distribution of Polypropylene and Polystyrene.
2004 Idemitsu: Tarflon™ Polycarbonate distribution is enabled.
2007 Ineos and Ineos Nova acquire polyolefin and polystyrene businesses from BP Chemicals. Both companies confirm the distribution agreement in Italy with Biesterfeld Polybass, enlarging this agreement also with the distribution of polyethylene.
2008 Exxon Mobil: Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. is the new Italian distributor for Exxon Mobil Chemical products: Santoprene™, Geolast™, Vyram™, Vistaflex™, Dytron XL™.
2010 Specialty Chemicals: Biesterfeld Polybass starts the distribution of Plasticizers, AOX, Anti UV, Flame retardants, Cosmetic raw materials and more, thanks to the creation of a new independent business unit.
2011 Specialty Chemicals: Achieving new distributions of main manufacturers, such as Dow Corning, Rhodia, Tiangang and much more, Biesterfeld Polychem was settled, as an independent company of distribution of specialty chemicals on the Italian market.
2011 Styrolution: Joint venture of BASF and INEOS, Styrolution is entirely dedicated to styrenics. It is worldwide leader manufacturer in of styrene monomers, polystyrene and copolymers.
Today Biesterfeld Group, during a century of life has became one of the European leading distributors of plastics, specialty chemicals and chemicals trading products, commercializing more than 1.000 materials all around the world.
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